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Coronis Uniti

Coronis Uniti
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Product code 1:K9602726

12MP diagnostic display system for PACS and breast imaging

PACS and breast imaging on one display
In grayscale and color (featuring unique color calibration!)
With touch pad for fast control
Meet Coronis UnitiTM. The only display explicitly designed for both PACS and breast imaging. Unique in its representation of calibrated color and grayscales. Remarkable in its 2D and 3D capabilities. Capable of both static and dynamic imaging. Together, these features will forever change the way you work. Unify your workflow Coronis UnitiTM delivers the first unified workflow – combining PACS and breast images on one workstation. It’s the solution that replaces all display configurations, eliminating the need for a multi-head display set-up or to move to another workstation to view additional exams. Combines PACS and breast images on one workstation Pushes productivity Speeds up reading sessions See what you haven’t seen before Everything you see on the big, 12 MegaPixel screen is sharp and precise. That’s because every Coronis UnitiTM display is calibrated to meet the DICOM standard for grayscales and to guarantee consistent, perceptually linear color – an industry first. Features unique color calibration Fits more images on one display Reduces the need for panning and zooming Ensures uniform images at all times Unveils the smallest details Ensures automated QA and calibration
Weight (pounds) 92.5900
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Brand Barco

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